Fromelles and Flanders battlefield tours

Since 2011, I started a company called Fromelles and Flanders battlefield tours. I have been conducting tours of various battlefields in my area. I offer my service to individuals, groups or even bus tours. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Fromelles 1916

It is the closest battlefield to Lille and yet the least known of all. It was a diversion of the battle of the Somme and took place 19-20 July 1916. It was also the first involvment of Australian troops on French soil. lt made the headlines since 2008 as remains of 250 men were discovered, exhumed and DNA extracted from the skulls. Many were identified thanks to family members who provided modern DNA. And the work is ongoing as more men are to be identified.

Lille 1940-1944

Discover the German occupation in Lille during WW2. You will be told trues stories of French resistance, Nazi repression, collaboration, allied pilots helpers and the fate of Jews in this area between 1940 and 1944.

Ypres – Flanders 1914-1917

From September 1914 ’til November 1917, the Ypres region, called Flanders in Belgium, (Belgique) was at the center of WW1. Whether you want to discover the Messines battlefield (June 1917) or Passchendale (September – November 1917), you will discover the most important sites and monuments of the Ypres Sailliant. Attending a Last Post ceremony is a must-do when you are in the area.

Lille Saint-Sauveur 1942

On September 11, 1942, the Nazis organized the largest round-up of Jews in Northern France and Belgium. Hundreds were gathered in a secluded train station in Fives. SNCF workers (employees of the French train Cie) decided to hide and rescue as many people as possible. To this day, I managed to identify 39 people saved that day. Some I still do find. Most of them were young and are in their 80’s today.

Beaches of Normandy – D-Day June 6, 1944 

Have you ever wanted to see the beaches of D-Day ? Whether Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold or Juno, discover on a 5 day tour, the battlefields that shaped modern Europe. Please contact me for information.

Tours can be tailored if you had a relative that was involved whether he served, went missing or died, I can help you discover what happenned and tailor the tour for you.

If you are travelling with a group on a bus, scolars or not, I can accompany you to various sites mentionned above or not. Please contact me for more information.