I currently completed the writing of a book called “The Rescued”. It tells the story of the largest evacuation of Jews from a train station. They were gathered on September 11, 1942 in Lille – Fives train station and were waiting to be transferred to Auschwitz via Malines (Belgium).

Members of the SNCF – the French National Railway company – decided to hide and evacuate dozens of Jews, mainly children.

According to Serge Klarsfeld, a hidden child during WW2 in France, lawyer and nazi hunter, it was the largest evacuation from a French train station.

Members of the SNCF who rescued dozens of Jews on September 11, 1942.

The USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum) in Washington D.C. mentioned it was the largest evacuation of Europe from 1942 to 1944.

To this day, I identified 40 people who were rescued by the SNCF members.

The work is ongoing as nearly 70 people are supposed to have been rescued that day.