Who am I ?

Born in Lille in 1974, I have always loved history. I lived in Dublin (Ireland) for nearly three years and when I returned to my home town of Lille, I decided to learn a bit more about WW2. When I was a kid, my grandparents told me what it was to be occupied by the nazis. I really loved listening to their accounts of their lives between 1940 and 1944.

I worked in tourism for almost ten years at Lille Tourism Office. I realized there were a lot of demand from tourists willing to go to the battlefields in northern France and Belgium. But there were no offer from Lille. I then decided to become an independant guide and to drive Australians, British, New Zelanders and Canadians to the various sites.

I worked a lot in the archives in France, Belgium, Germany and the United States. I managed to meet up with Frederic Lepinay CEO of the publishing company “Les Lumières de Lille”. We started working together in 2008 when I told him about my research on the Gestapo (nazi secret police). Four books were published so far.

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Right now, I have several book projects but also documentary projects. I was the co-author of a 52 mns documentary film broadcasted by France 3 in 2014 called “Les fantômes de l’histoire” (The Ghosts of history). But there are plenty of other things to discover on this website, so I will not spoil you. Welcome and enjoy. Feel free to contact me for more info.